How to download and play Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go launched this week, but only in a handful of countries (Australia, New Zealand and Japan).

However, if you want to get your hands on this augmented-reality app early and you own an Android phone then you’re in luck! You can download and install an APK file and start playing straight away.

It seems the game already has a fully populated world-map with Pokemon Gyms and other buildings. Which makes you wonder why it’s not been released in other countries yet…


Anyway, download the APK file here from your android device and you’re all set. Your phone will ask you about installing files that aren’t from the app store but don’t worry. Go ahead and install it.

Pokémon Go itself is a free to play, augmented-reality exploration game where players search for Pokemon by wandering around and finding them in the real world. Some Pokémon are only available in certain countries though, so catching them all might be a bit tricky!

Different environments have different types. So exploring your country and going further afield from your home is recommended if you want to find a variety of Pokémon. For example, go to the beach and you’ll find water Pokémon, forested areas with have more grass Pokémon etc.

Some Caveats

Apparently there’s a known bug that drains your battery life significantly while playing Pokémon Go. Since this is a known issue I anticipate this will be fixed soon.

There’s also a rumour of people being banned for playing from the APK. Therefore if you do want to give it a try, do so at your own risk (but by all means, tell us what it’s like!).

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