Leadership Roles

General Leadership Responsibilities:

All leaders must uphold exemplary behaviour at all times, remembering to remain impartial when dealing with any form of disciplinary action. This will at times mean individuals will be in a position in which they will have to perform disciplinary action against those in which they hold personal relations with. Members of leadership should also be positive and encouraging to new members and always be looking to actively recruit where possible.


Disciplinary action should be dealt with on a case by case basis, with a removal of the 3 strike system as it has become clear this does not work in regards to many incidents. Complaints should be brought up in writing and sent to all members of leadership if they cannot be dealt with by a moderator at the time. These complaints can range from anything to harassment and bullying to recruiting for another community and posting offensive materials. All complaints must be held in confidentiality and should only consider the relevant information to the complaint. Where possible, members should provide as much evidence as possible, preferably in the form of screenshots or audio/video recording. All disciplinary action must also be recorded by leadership to keep everyone informed and have a clear and concise history of disciplinary action.


Individual Leadership Responsibilities:


 Responsible for all residual rights and ensuring Directors are upholding their respective responsibilities.


Vice Chairman

Fill in for Chairman in his absence and assist other members of Leadership when required.


Director of Recruitment

The Director of Recruitment is responsible for keeping track of membership applications and accepting and declining them accordingly. Information regarding sign ups and membership status date must be recording properly, and it is the duty of this individual to grant trial and full membership at the appropriate times. This individual is also responsible for handling The Realm Recruitment Raffle.


Director of Facilities

The Director of Facilities is responsible for maintaining the core facilities within the realm. This includes the running and updating of the website, as well as the running and operation of the Teamspeak in terms of maintenance, this does not include teamspeak permissions as an exclusive responsibility, as this is overseen by all Server Admins. Maintaining up to date payments for these services also fall under the sole responsibility of this individual.


Director of Events

The Director of Events is responsible for tracking and planning events throughout the community. Events are  meetups, weekly gaming events and larger gaming competitions/events. If members want to run a Realm event they must schedule it with the Director of Events to avoid any overlapping of events, and give a rundown of how the event will operate. Prizes for member run events will fall under the responsibility of the members organising the event. This however does not mean the Director of Events needs to be directly involved in setting up events run by other members. The Director of events should also be aiming to run a bi-monthly event for as large a portion of the community as possible to get involved with.


Director of Content

The Director of Content is responsible for the running and maintenance of the YouTube and Twitch channels directly affiliated with The Realm. They will be the primary content creator on at least one of these services, and making sure we have enough regular content from other members on both services. This includes providing members with hosting access on our Twitch channel and providing upload access to our YouTube channel to any and all who require it. Members who require it are those who are willing to provide content on a consistent basis of at least once a month, with the Director of Content posting or streaming at least once a week, preferably both.


Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for promotions, demotions and discipline of Moderators and Game Organisers.

Promotions – Promotions should be based on the actions and initiative of members of the community, avoiding promotions based personal relations, as they should be provided solely on their abilities.


Demotions – Demotion should be considered when any of the following arise;

  • Lack of activity
  • Abuse of power (based on complaints)
  • Not upholding the responsibilities of their respective position


The Director of HR is also responsible for organising and The Realm Monthly Meeting, as well as Leadership, Moderator and Game Organiser meetings once a month. This does not mean they run all of these meetings, only when applicable.


American Mediator

The American Mediator is responsible for the activities during US TZ, keeping track of and handling any complaints when the EU Leaders are offline, promoting US TZ guests who are not on at the same time as the Director of Recruitment to trial member and recording it appropriately. Staying informed of leadership decisions and Realm events in order to inform members of any upcoming activities and answer any questions they may have in regards to them.


Game Organiser

Each GO is responsible for their respective game, recruiting through the game and organizing events relating to their game. GOs must be knowledgeable about their games in order to respond to inquiries made by other members. If a server is operated by the Realm for the game, it is under the responsibility of the GO to keep the server up to date and running. Lastly, GOs must be active in the community and cannot run a server from behind the scenes, they must be able to communicate effectively with members about upcoming events and changes with their game.


Minimum membership length to be promoted to a GO is 3 months of membership.



Moderators are responsible for handling small disputes and complaints, along with bringing larger issues to the Director of HR, who will then handle them appropriately. Any issue that can be resolved by a 24 hour ban or less severe disciplinary action is classified as a minor issue and should be recorded as such. Any issue requiring a larger penalty than a 24 hour ban must be handled by one or more members of Leadership. Moderators are expected to be active on the community and uphold exemplary behavior. Moderators must also have the ability to effectively communicate to members and must be knowledgeable about the roles of leadership in order to effectively redirect members when necessary. Failure to meet the expectations of a Moderator will result in a demotion to regular membership status.


Minimum membership length to be promoted to a Moderator is 6 months of membership.