New website, a fresh start


Before I start, I’d just like to apologise for how the last one went. Honestly, I ran out of time due to freelance work and since no-one else could help me create the website / app… I bit off a bit more than I could chew. It was lacking in almost every area and although I feel I could have finished it and made it something truly excellent, there’s just no chance with my current workload.

So now we’ve reverted back to WordPress but with a few extra and nice features such as our new competitive system, a shop and a more traditional forum. I’ll be honest, aside from some PHP modifications this is a paid-for theme (I had to fix some stuff to get it to work on our ultra-awesome new web server) but since I have such extensive work constraints it’s worth every penny. It works well and it’s a platform for me to work on in future.

Onto the server though. This is something I worked on pretty hard over the last few days! We’re on an ultra up-to-date web server which uses all the latest tech:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • PHP 7 (3x the performance of the former versions)
  • Some custom caching on both WordPress itself and NGINX
  • Mailgun for superior mail delivery

This is a server setup I’ve used before but is from years of tinkering with server settings and setups. There’s nothing I’ve found to be faster and more secure (NGINX has some great built-in firewalls!).

Team Wars

Create your teams and challenge each other! Anyone can create and manage a team, so go ahead and do it. If you need games adding to the list, ask a site administrator. We can also put up a full list of the game maps and stuff, it’s quite a powerful system so just ask us.

This is a system I hope to build on, but it’s already fairly feature-complete so feel free to start using it!


We have a more ‘traditional’ forum software this time out with categories and sub-forums. Unlike other forums though, we don’t have the usual forum roles. Roles range from Participant to Keymaster. I can look into renaming these roles if it becomes an issue… But we’ll see how it goes first!


Finally! We have a store! Realm Premium is the first available product(s) ranging from the Bronze subscription to the Platinum subscription. In future, you’ll have your own unique Premium badges but right now Premium is simply there so you can give back to the community (and help us fund our servers and infrastructure).

Payments are set up for Paypal only and in the coming months we’re hoping to have t-shirts, hoodies and more available on our store.

Wrapping Up

The new website is the platform we’ll be using from now on. If you have any issues, post a message on the forums. Same for feature requests. I’ll do what I can!

I hope you like the new website anyway.


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