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Welcome to The Realm Gaming Community website. This User Agreement (the “Agreement”) describes the terms and conditions on which The Realm Gaming Ltd, owner of the-realm-gaming.co.uk, offers you to be a member and participant of the website and it’s forums on the-realm-gaming.co.uk.

Please read all the points below carefully. Failure to read the terms and conditions before registering to The Realm Gaming as a member can result in a permanent ban from the community.

1 – Registration

All information and data provided upon registration must be accurate and complete. You must also declare that you are over 16 years old. If you are found to be under 16 years of age after registering to The Realm Gaming website you will be permanently banned from the community.

2 – Your Account

The Realm Gaming Ltd assumes that all activities made using your account ID, username or email address are authorised by you.

3 – Messages and Posting

After registration, The Realm Gaming provides you access to make messages and post on the forums. Abuse of these systems (including but not limited to: harassment, racism, bullying, impersonation, trolling, spamming, “flaming” and astro-turfing) is strictly prohibited and can result in a permanent ban from the community. Discretion is advised and we understand some members ‘taunt’ or ‘banter’ with each other.

4 – Licence

By participating in The Realm Gaming website, you agree that The Realm Gaming Ltd shall have unlimited and irrevocable rights (including economic, moral and all other rights that may exist in such material) and license to use, display, publish or communicate to the public, permit others (including without limitation The Realm Gaming’s co-brand partners) to publish, the Messages, online and offline, for a fee or otherwise, in whole or in part, throughout the world and in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed without need of any notice, remuneration, compensation, royalties or attribution to you. Nothing herein, however, shall permit The Realm Gaming to use the name of the user, or the title of his work, or otherwise to make use of his reputation with respect to any version or adaptation of his Messages which, because of alterations therein, would substantially tend to injure his literary or artistic reputation; or to use the name of the user with respect to a Message he did not create or post.

5 – Content Filtering

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